With a complete spectrum of fasteners and lightweight, ergonomically designed clipping tools, nailers, and staplers, Vertex is the ideal manufacturer and supplier to the bedding industry. Our fasteners and fastening tools are designed specifically for assembling mattresses, foundations and boxsprings frames. We use only the highest quality materials in our fasteners to create a resilient bond between materials that lasts for years to come. Manufacture the most supportive, comfortable, durable mattresses and boxsprings with Vertex.


Application - Fastening Border Wire

Border wire to Bonnell and other innersprings

Application - Wood-to-wood

Wood-to-wood foundation and boxspring frame assembly

Application - Spring grids to wood foundations

Spring grids to wood foundations

Application - Fabric Flange to Foam

Fabric flanges to foam mattresses

Application - Fabrics and corner guards

Fabrics and corner guards to boxsprings

Heavy Corner Guards to Boxspring

Heavy corner guards to boxsprings


Insulating pads to innersprings

Application - Mattress cover flanges to round

Mattress cover flanges to round or flat border wire


Mattress flanges to innersprings

Pocket Springs to Round Border Wire

Pocket springs to round border wire

Pocket Springs to Flat Border Wire

Pocket springs to flat border wire

Insulating Pads to Border Wire

Insulating pads to border wire

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