.85" length x 7/16" wide x .22 opening

Per Roll:


Rolls Per Pallet:


Fastener Type:
ProClinch clip - roll
Product # Description
ProClinch 5.2

The ProClinch 5.2 roll-fed clipping system relies on the same technology as the ProClinch 4.5, but with the added benefits of increased ergonomics and clip-load capacity. This tool was designed to take on the heaviest of production needs. The easy-load feed rail makes loading times faster and easier, saving valuable time for production.

Product # Description

The AutoClipper VA0279 is an automatic clipping machine that quickly and efficiently attaches border wires to the perimeter coils of innerspring units using Vertex clips. A programmable controller operates the entire clipping procedure, meaning an operator with minimal training is capable of assembling 225 to 275 innerspring units in a typical 8-hour shift.

Because the VA0279 is automatic, the operator can prepare another innerspring for placement as the previous one is finishing, saving time by running two processes (pre-clipping and clipping cycle time) simultaneously.


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